Longest Erection Ever – Man Has 8-Month Long Erection

The New Jersey trucker received a botched penile implant in December 2009. After the surgery, Metzgar claims that his scrotum has grown to the size of a volleyball and that his enlarged member got in the way of family events and riding his motorcycle. The man with the 8-month long erection told the jurors, “I could hardly dance, with an erection poking my partner. It’s not something you want to bring out at parties and show to friends.” Metzgar decided to have the surgery in order to help his relationship with his wife. According to the doctors who performed the surgery on Metzgar, he waited four months to complain about an infection, but did not take the appropriate treatment that was recommended until April 2010. The trucker got a replacement implant from another doctor after his original was removed in August 2010. Daniel Metzgar claims that he lost much of his sensation down there and is seeking physical and psychological damages for an unspecified amount.

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